Breaking Ground on Progress: Clifton Park’s Push for New Highway Building Amid Leadership Tug-of-War

Clifton Park’s quest to construct a new building for the Highway Department has been mired in delays, much to the frustration of local residents and officials. The stalemate, stemming from a longstanding disagreement between Town Supervisor Phil Barrett and Highway Superintendent Dahn Bull, has left the town without a replacement for its highway garage, which suffered extensive fire damage over two years ago.

The lack of progress has sparked criticism from community members, who find the prolonged dispute between Barrett and Bull to be a major hindrance. The impasse is highlighted by recent developments involving a proposal by Bull to hire an engineering firm to design the new building. This proposal has been met with resistance and requests for further review by Barrett, further delaying action.

Despite being re-elected to their positions recently, Barrett and Bull’s inability to collaborate effectively is seen as a key obstacle in moving this essential project forward. Residents are calling for an end to the ongoing conflict and for the town leaders to focus on working together to address this critical need.

The situation reached a new level of urgency with Barrett’s suggestion to form a committee to start the rebuilding process, a move seen as long overdue by many. The simplicity of the project, in comparison to more complex constructions, has left many wondering why such delays continue to persist.

The community is now urging both leaders to engage in direct, open discussions, ideally in a public town workshop setting, to hash out their differences and develop a clear plan of action. Town board members are also encouraged to be involved to expedite any necessary decisions, ensuring that the town can begin the construction process as soon as possible.

The call to action is clear: It’s time to put aside differences and focus on the needs of the town and its residents. The community’s patience is wearing thin, and the demand is straightforward – it’s time to get the new highway building constructed without further delay.

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