Clifton Park’s Dining Scene: Closures and New Restaurants in Clifton Park of 2023!

The Capital Region has witnessed a whirlwind of openings and closures this year, particularly in the realm of eateries. Some have been long-standing fixtures, while others were fleeting tastes in our collective palate. Let’s dive into the savory and bittersweet moments of the year.

The Farewells:

Smashburger: All three Capital Region locations of this beloved burger spot have permanently closed their doors. Despite the silent retreat, as noted by a member of Smashburger’s PR team, the absence of their mouth-watering burgers has left many a local stomach rumbling in disappointment.

Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub: An establishment that has weathered various industry challenges and the macro-economic environment over the years finally succumbed to the pressures, closing on June 26. Not to mention, the cheeky Chick-fil-A that took over their parking lot, likely contributing to their woes.

The Painted Lemon: This zesty spot closed in early October, with whispers of a temporary shutdown. However, the for-sale sign on the building suggests a more permanent conclusion to their story.

And The Welcomes:

Bella Lucia’s: A name that rolls off the tongue as smoothly as their pasta! Bella Lucia’s has opened its doors, inviting diners into a world of Italian delight.

Eddie F’s Eatery: A newcomer making waves with its delectable offerings. Eddie F’s has quickly become a go-to for those seeking a cozy and tasty dining experience.

Koi Ramen: Slurp your way into the New Year with Koi Ramen! This spot has introduced a deliciously authentic Japanese flair to our local dining scene.

The Exchange: Swapping out the old for the new, The Exchange has opened up a world of culinary possibilities with its diverse menu and vibrant atmosphere.

Chick-fil-A: The chicken giant has spread its wings in Clifton Park, causing a flurry of excitement and, perhaps, a bit of parking lot drama.

Pizza Palace: A regal addition to our pizza scene, Pizza Palace has opened its doors to those in search of the perfect slice.

Crumbl Cookies: For the sweet-toothed residents of Clifton Park, Crumbl Cookies has emerged as a sugary haven of delight.

Kati Roll Wala: Wrapping up our list (and their delicious rolls), Kati Roll Wala has introduced an exotic twist to our local taste buds.

As we reminisce about the past and anticipate the future, it’s clear that the restaurant industry in Clifton Park and the broader Capital Region is as dynamic as ever.

We’ve said goodbye to some old friends and welcomed new ones, each adding their unique flavor to our community. Here’s to a delicious 2024, filled with new tastes, adventures, and, of course, the continued love for our ever-evolving hometown. Cheers, Clifton Park!

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