From Clifton Park to the Cosmos: Shen Middle Schooler’s Art Wins NASA’s Heart!

A young star from Koda Middle School in the Shenendehowa Central School District, Ratnottama Bhattacharyya, is making Clifton Park shine a little brighter! This seventh-grader has her artwork titled “In The Palm of Your Hand” set to adorn NASA’s “commercial crew” calendar. Her creation, a beacon of young talent, was selected from a pool of international submissions and will grace the digital cover and the page for March.

This event saw 36 young artists from every corner of the planet featured in the calendar. Ratnottama Bhattacharyya, representing the aspirational spirit of our community, secured third place in the age 10-12 bracket for the astronaut category. It’s a testament to the boundless creativity and potential bubbling right here in our hometown.

For those curious about the cosmic competition, more details can be found on NASA’s official contest page: NASA Commercial Crew Artwork Contest

Here’s a snapshot of the budding artists and their imaginative entries from around the world:

Category: Living and Working in Space
Ages 4-6
1st – “Living & Working in the Space” by Premarathna, D.L. from Sri Lanka
2nd – “Outer Space Colonization” by Mohapatra, A. from India
3rd – “Take a Photo in Space” by Wu, D. from the USA

Ages 7-9
1st – “An Astronaut’s View from Space” by Wang, C. from Canada
2nd – “New Earth” by Cui, Z.R.O. from Singapore
3rd – “Stellar Harvest: An Outer Space Odyssey” by Zou, Z.H. from the USA

Ages 10-12
1st – “I Paint My Dream of Living on Mars” by Chen, D. from the USA
2nd – “Discover New Things in the Universe” by Bui, M.A. from Vietnam
3rd – “Circus of the Space” by Qiu, E. from the USA

Category: Astronauts
Ages 4-6
1st – “My Astronaut Dream” by Mahboobi, K. from the USA
2nd – “I’m an Astronaut” by Dukiloviya, A. from India
3rd – “Astronaut Adventures” by Yan, K. from the USA

Ages 7-9
1st – “Lunar Pioneers: Stars & Stripes on the Moon” by Jiang, J. from the USA
2nd – “A Lesson from My Future Self” by Lang, Y. from the USA
3rd – “Selfie Time!” by Zhao, Z. from Singapore

Ages 10-12
1st – “Life in Space” by Li, L. from the USA
2nd – “Astronauts” by Nguyen Ngoc, M.K. from Vietnam
3rd – “In the Palm of Your Hand” by Ratnottama Bhattacharyya from the USA

Isn’t it wonderful to see Clifton Park’s own Ratnottama shining among the stars? It’s moments like these that remind us of the extraordinary potential nestled in our cozy corner of the world.

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